Combining Central America and Africa with this slightly dark roasted blend of Nicaragua El Diablo and Rwanda.

Chocolaty, Toasty Notes In Aroma. Chocolaty Flavour, Hints Of Berries, Mild Citric Acidity With A Bold Cocoa Powder Finish.
Nicaragua El Diablo:

The coffee from the lands of Datanlí El Diablo is the one we present on this occasion. This reserve has a maximum height of 1,680 m. and it is located in the Isabelia mountain range, between the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega, in the north of Nicaragua.

This reserve goes from the limits of the lake of Apanás, to the heights of the steep mountains of Cerro Datanlí.

In recent years this reserve has been an attractive ecotourism destination due to its tropical landscapes and its diverse fauna and flora. Activities such as tours to observe wildlife, hiking or coffee routes are common in this reserve.


The coffee is sourced and exported by Roots Origin Limited, a Rwandan social enterprise that is passionate about coffee, and the farmers who grow it. The coffee is sourced from over 800 farmers in the Western Province of Rwanda, in the Karongi District, within the Gishyita Sector. The coffee is named Ibanga, which is a Kinyarwanda word that means ‘secret’.

Approximately 40% of the 800 farmers are female. Roots Origin is in the process of engaging with these farmers in the best agricultural and agronomic practices, to increase their production as well as their quality, with the goal of improving the quality of their livelihoods. This is being achieved through several training initiatives undertaken by the Roots Origin Agronomy team.

The biggest and most critical challenges facing the coffee farmers is access to finance for production, and for Roots Origin it’s the purchasing of the crop at harvest time.
Through the growing the volume in the export market, plans are afoot to build a traceability mechanism in partnership with Roots Origin, to ensure that the farmers can access the necessary production credit.

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