After a lifetime of passion for coffee, Kobus started his coffee business in 2015. The concept of the third wave of coffee that says coffee is not just a commodity, but an artisanal food, and must be treated and handled with respect, resonated so much with him that he named his company Thirdwave Coffee. 

In 2017 Willem joined when Kobus began roasting Thirdwave’s own coffee. Both Willem and Kobus are passionate coffee roasters and love bringing optimal roasted coffee to their customers.

With a Slayer Espresso machine in their coffee bar, they are well-known as espresso specialists. Dazzling your tastebuds and kidnapping you to a world of coffee nirvana. As Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods rightly said when he visited Slayer headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

What does this mean to you?

You can be sure that when you buy a cup of coffee at their coffee bar, or order a bag of coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, you are getting coffee that was prepared and roasted with you in mind. To put a smile on your face every time you take a sip and make your day a little better. 

Willem is on the left and Kobus on the right

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